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You will get practical tools and guidance for measuring employment performance rates, improving their productivity and how they spend time
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We are creating innovative practical tools to help you manage your employment. We guarantee detailed explanations of each instrument

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Not just ordinary content, learn the secrets that we give to the elite only, learn strategies and secrets about domestic workers that may change your life


We enhance productivity in your life and take the initiative to organize the employment we provide through mechanisms that we share with you in a unique experience for a better life

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We build unique Egyptian experience. Why not put our hands together and participate in building the experience ?? It is not just household labor .. We contribute to building knowledge.

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It is a set of articles and guiding tools that are important for every family in order to get the best possible performance from domestic labor, whether it be housekeepers, babysitters or elderly sitters where we offer content related to each category and this content has been formulated so that it is applied in practice easily.
We will provide you with tools to help you in properly managing domestic labor, and you will benefit from custom articles created based on our experience in the Egyptian market and our full knowledge of the hidden aspects of domestic workers of different nationalities, by obtaining the content you will be able to know things that no one can see except the elite.
By elite, we mean people who want advanced knowledge and can understand and communicate in a high degree. They also know the social value of knowledge and modern tools in the process of operating.
Currently, the high-quality content is not published to all, to get the tools and articles you need, you must have a contract with "House Care Egypt".
Currently, our customers can only receive periodic updates of high-quality content. For a yearly subscription for a nominal amount that is used to create the content and maintain the server. By participating with us, you contribute to making knowledge.

يسمح لك بتصفح الموقع ولكن حقوق المحتوى محفوظة

لا يمكنك استخدام الزر الأيمن .. الرجاء احترام محتوى الموقع وعدم نسخه أو لصقه على مواقع اخرى وفي حالة رغبتك في اقتباس كلمات او تعابير أو اي شيئ فيرجى الاشارة لموقعنا لمصدر لهذا الاقتباس .. شكرا لتفهمك