The reliable housekeeper we choose for you is one of the best housemaids who contract with us. Call us now to get her!

Always ready

Willingness to work all the time even outside the agreed schedule for urgent matters is one of the important things that we take in mind

Smart and Initiative

Our housekeepers are able to understand your home’s needs and take the initiative to make your family more comfortable with their talent

جليسة اطفال مقيمة ، جليسة اطفال غير مقيمة ، مربيط اطفال مقيمة ، مربية اطفال باليوم
Honest and sincere

Honesty is a prerequisite for housemaids and housekeepers contracting with us. So you will get an honest and loyal housekeeper


Our housekeepers are serious at work, whether they are lived-in or stay-out based. We treat any indolence in innovative ways

Are you looking for the perfect housekeeper? We do not promise you the ideal, but we promise you a mature housekeeper knows the responsibility and how to serve your family. We do not promise you the ideal, but we promise you a contract with a reputable company that will continue with your side to address any mistakes that may occur. Remember that our transparency is the core of our success.


and Honest

The best domestic workers in Egypt. We make tracking records as permitted by law to protect your family and ensure the safety of your family. We also ensure that there is a complete record of information about the workers we provide

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and Skilled

If you got a housemaid, worker, or babysitter through us, experience and skill will be among our priorities while providing it to you. Also, the vital work is one of the most important things that we will take care of and in case you do not like the performance, we will change it immediately.

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يسمح لك بتصفح الموقع ولكن حقوق المحتوى محفوظة

لا يمكنك استخدام الزر الأيمن .. الرجاء احترام محتوى الموقع وعدم نسخه أو لصقه على مواقع اخرى وفي حالة رغبتك في اقتباس كلمات او تعابير أو اي شيئ فيرجى الاشارة لموقعنا لمصدر لهذا الاقتباس .. شكرا لتفهمك